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GET STONED (hand painted gemstone medley) - Nail Challenge - Day 17 - glitter nails

Revlon - gold coin, Revlon - revlon red, Revlon - midnight affair, Revlon - mysterious, Revlon - pink posh, O.P.I. - royal rajah ruby, O.P.I. - deer valley spice, O.P.I. jewel of india, Love & Beauty - pink (strawberry scent), Love & Beauty - sky blue (sheer glitter), Love & Beauty - coral, Love & Beauty - sky blue (creme), Ruby kisses - black eutopia, Sally Hansen - hard to get, Sally Hansen - shell we dance, Bettina - metallic maroon,  Martha Stewart Craft Glitter - yellow gold, rhinestone cabochons, nail art beads, seche vite, seche clear.

phew so many polishes!! I love this mani so much ill be sad to take it off tomorrow! :(

To show that these are not decals (which i get asked a lot) i am going to introduce a step-by-step on how i created the blue gemstone! :)

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