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Hello Hello, now that i'm done with my nail challenge i thought it might be fun to create my own list of daily or weekly challenge themes. I need help picking things to do, it could be anything! PERSON, PLACE, THING! specifics like a type of flower to a character from a show! or something you want to see done... no matter how weird... seriously... **ANYTHING***I mean it*
Help me create a list!! i'm thinking i'll need about 100 to start off : ) and i'll pick one randomly each day to every two days! YAY!
your suggestions and others can be found on the IDEA LIST PAGE!

Date Posted: 1 January, 2013 with 8 Notes
  1. pattyblom said: You could do animal themed nails, like zebra, tiger, panda etc.
  2. darkshimmers said: I seriously love darker nail polish! Maybe do something using colors like gothic red, black, silver, etc. you can make black roses on a dark dark red background? :)
  3. cindysnails said: Such an awesome idea! I’ll try to think of some things and I’ll send a list to you. :)
  4. royal-kira said: The Rose Bowl Parade!
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