BASE COAT TOP COAT, Hey guys its monday, which means i’ll be featuring...

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Hey guys its monday, which means i’ll be featuring my fellow blogger as my (2nd ever) guest poster!

MAY from NAILPHILE is U.K. based nail artist/blogger. Her designs are super cute and feature a mix of girly, edgy and nature inspired designs with rich colors.

This design is so creative, and i thought was also perfect for this time of year!

and here she is :)….


Hi, I’m May (‘The Nailphile’), I’m fairly new to this nail art stuff, but I hope you all like my designs! This design was nothing like what I was going for, I found other things I was using..but I accidentally sprayed my nails when I was spraying feathers and I liked the speckles, so decided to go with it. Then I saw the little weeds/leaves behind which had all the gold paint on them and thought they looked so pretty - so I picked them and stuck them on my nails! That’s about it really, just used real things to make my nail art this week instead of painting, which seemed to work and I have seen it work other times too. I had the cut out and studs on there to add a bit of interest to the nails too, and made sure I put a clear over the top to protect the leaves!


 thank you MAY!  For these awesome nails!

All guest posters can be seen on my GUEST page or by searching #BCTCGP

If you would like to be a guest poster on BCTCNAILS contact me via ASK or by email

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