BASE COAT TOP COAT, OKAY CUPID… HIT ME! - Valentines day nails China...

Original Hand Painted Nail Art by Kelly Ornstein. This website and its content is protected under copyright law and belongs to Kelly Ornstein - © Base Coat Top Coat and More. All rights reserved.

OKAY CUPID… HIT ME! - Valentines day nails

China Glaze, purple panic (neon), China Glaze - reggae to riches, Sally Hansen - pacific blue, Sally Hansen - mint sorbet, Sally Hansen - for-sherbert, Sinful colors - black on black, Ruby Kisses - french white, Kiss - bronze, Revlon - gold coin, O.P.I. - did you ‘ear about van gogh? O.P.I - birthday suit. dark purple rhinestones, seche vite, seche clear.

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