BASE COAT TOP COAT, EPIC OPAL! - get stoned part 2 iridescent opal...

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EPIC OPAL! - get stoned part 2

iridescent opal stones “set” in a gold frame!

This may be my last manicure ever because i never want to take these off! :)

O.P.I. - do you lilac it?, O.P.I. - kiss me on my tulips, O.P.I. - ogre the top blue, O.P.I. - goldeneye, Sally Hansen - shell we dance? Color Club - covered in diamonds, Love & Beauty - sky blue, Love & Beauty - lime, Love & beauty - orange, Revlon - gold coin, Revlon - electric, Wet n wild - caribbean frost, American Apparel - neon coral, Nail Star - hot pink, China glaze - white on white, gold hex glitter, gold nail art beads

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