BASE COAT TOP COAT, BEE PLAYFUL - Daily/Weekly #22 - inspired by a...

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BEE PLAYFUL - Daily/Weekly #22 - inspired by a necklace - Delfina Delletrez - beehive necklace

I really love the cheeky, and  colorful work made by italian jeweller Delfina Delletrez. My nails are obviously less classy and more on the playful side, but i think they work none the less :) I love how the necklace has the 3D enameled silver bees so i thought i could capture that idea with the 3D nail accessories!

O.P.I. - oh so glam!, Sally Hansen - celeb city, Sally Hansen - gunmetal, O.P.I. - warm & fozzie, O.P.I. - bling dynasty, Revlon - electric, Sinful Colors - black on black, China Glaze - white on white, yellow pearl cabochons, plastic bee :)

All nails from this challenge can be seen by visiting the Daily/Weekly page!

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