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foils from left to right #1, #10, #5 and their respective designs!

So first i’ll start with #1 - micro holographic green! as demonstrated with my BLACK OPAL design! So something i’ve realized with foils is that the pattern will dictate the look of the transfer! meaning; that the green foil, with it’s tiny holographic dots will transfer in smaller specks! Granted this was my very first experience using foils, I found getting solid coverage was quite difficult. Another thing about foils ( if you frequent the tumblrsphere you’ve probably seen or read), is that once you topcoat the effect can sometimes become moot. This is unfortunately true, however it doesn’t have to be a bad thing! in fact in the green holographic speck foil, with it’s small flakes worked perfectly for creating/ mimicking the specks in the opal!! Depending on your design I think it can add an unexpected affect as seen in my RED RED RUBIES using foil #5! Although most of the awesome fragmented look is gone it still had a bright, metallic and “glowy” look that worked well for this gemstone design! (especially when it caught the light!) Foil #10 as shown in my RAINBOW FISH design, transfered the best out of all three. The down side being that top coating muted the beautiful holographic rainbow. It still was metallic… but more of a “gum wrapper tin foil” then a beautiful rainbow. 

The top coat i used was seche vite, (definitely not the best for this), which is quick dry and from what i’ve read/seen from other users of NAIL ART FOILS is that the faster drying the top coat, the less the pattern will be visible. :(  Also once you top coat the color can change a bit and there is some wrinkling. The application and clean up was really easy, and i used a glue called “The best glue ever” for adhering the transfers!

Ps: I’ve heard rumor they make top coat or a clear coat specifically for foils to preserve it’s appearance! :)

Personally, I love foils and I will be doing more designs in the future as well! Although they were not exactly as i hoped, i still think that they worked really well in their designs, and offer so much possibility and i definitely want to try out more! (ps: they are a really good price so give ‘em a try! and use coupon code STL91 for 10% off)

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