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GUEST POSTER #11 : Eman from NAIL POLISH DISTRACTION!!! ——> Check her out now!!


Eman’s site features both gorgeously graphic and illustrative designs that are so clean it’s unreal, as well as other nail artists work! I’m so excited to share her site and work with you all, and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!! 

 Without further delay here is EMAN!


"Hey, It’s Eman from "Nail Polish Distraction", I’m a huge fan of BCTC & I’m so excited to be a guest poster today!

To make this design I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen “White On” for my background color to make it super opaque. Then, I used black acrylic from “Daler Rowney - Graduate Acrylic” which is my favourite brand of acrylic paint. The yellow I added at the end is American Apparel “Neon Yellow”. I finished off with Bourjois “So Matt” for a matte effect.
Thank you Kelly for having me! I hope you like this manicure. xo”
Thanx Eman! I Love it!!! :)
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